Preparing for the Day

I’m a list-maker. I like to plan things out and have them written down so I don’t forget anything. It helps me sort things out and empty my brain. This goes for groceries, meals, schedules and sometimes I use my lists to help me make decisions. Pros & Cons lists, anyone?

Sometimes planning ahead is necessary when you know your about to have a busy day. It’s actually a great way for people who are always “on the go” to assure they are getting proper nutrients through the day. While making dinner I like to chop up extra fruits & vegetables for the next day. Take 10 minutes before you go to bed to chop up meat to add to sandwiches or salads. While preparing meals, make a couple servings extra to store in the fridge or freezer for the next couple days! Tomorrow I have to work all day so tonight has been full of planning. Earlier today I set a challenge for myself: try a new recipe everyday. After spending quite some time searching around the internet, I found the recipe to kick off my challenge: a spinoff of Angela’s Strawberry Carob Vegan Overnight Oats.

I say it’s a spinoff because I don’t have the exact ingredients. Oops!

I mixed together:

.5 cup rolled oats

1.5 cup almond breeze

1 tbsp ground flax seeds

1/2 tsp vanilla (ok..a little more than that because I love vanilla!)

1 tbsp cocoa powder (unsweetened)

1/2 diced banana

6 chopped strawberries

all stirred up!

I also prepared my lunch for tomorrow..a green apple (my favorite), peanut butter toffee Clif Bar and lots and lots of carrot sticks! I looooove carrots…I eat them like a rabbit! I think I may be getting an orange tint to my skin from them 😉

thats a whole lotta carrots!

I work at a summer camp so I am in the sun all day. Eating a huge lunch doesn’t sit well in my stomach when I spend a lot of time in the sun so I typically eat a pretty small lunch. I’m also planning on making some iced coffee for an extra pep to my step…I’m going to need it!



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2 responses to “Preparing for the Day

  1. I definitely need a leave a few minutes everyday to plan out my meals so I can prepare them later on!

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