Don’t Jump!

Today was very similar to yesterday…a little too similar!! But more on that later.

I didn’t end up eating all of my pasta for lunch, so for dinner I had the rest of my pasta with some extra cheese. This morning I had mixed up whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce, half of a red pepper, hot sauce and some italian herbs. For some reason, I really don’t like veggies besides spinach in my pasta. I have no idea why I continue to put veggies into my pasta even though I always end up pushing them aside….someday I’ll learn! It didn’t end up being very exciting but I made up for that with dessert!


I didn’t have my dinner planned out, but all I knew was I wanted some cheeeeeeeeese in my meal. I could eat cheese all day, everyday!  For dessert I had a sugar cookie with sprinkles that magically appeared in my kitchen. Or I stole it from Mom’s cookie stash…no dessert is safe around me!

Anyway, I said today was a little too similar to yesterday because another baby bird jumped from a different nest and couldn’t move once it was on the ground! It looked like it had just recently hatched, but because we went through the same thing yesterday we knew what to do (or at least pretended to know). I didn’t have time to snap a picture but the baby bird pretty much looked identical to this:

soo fuzzy!


The source I found that from actually had a great story about when the author tried to save a baby bird…including waking up every couple hours to feed it. So cute! Hopefully no more baby bird decide to jump out of their nests anymore…it’s pretty stressful! Baby birds if your reading this, stay in your nests!!

Are there any foods you can’t stand to mix with other foods but like on their own? 

Have you ever taken in an abandoned animal?  How did you care for it? 


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