Little Bird

Today was quite the adventure!

I told you about my morning overnight oats that I still don’t really know how I feel about. The texture of it was a little odd because I’m not used to oats actually tasting raw. I even got a little bit of a stomach ache on the way to work, which I’m guessing was from either the raw oats or the lack of sleep I got last night.

In all, today was pretty eventful. I was excited to get to work & the day actually went by pretty quickly! About 2 hours after breakfast I had a green apple for a snack. Green apples are definitely my favorite over red apples. Same goes for grapes! I like the tartness…red apples & grapes are too sweet for me! A couple hours later I had a Clif bar and 3 sliced carrots for lunch. I was actually really full after this even though it wasn’t much of a lunch. Sorry the picture is so horrible, I took it late last night.

itty bitty lunch

At my work there is a large tent overhang that has 4 bird nests in it. Today, one of the baby birds fell (or jumped) out of one of the nests & couldn’t move when it was on the ground! I felt so sad for the baby bird because it really was recently hatched and kept chirping for it’s mother. After about 20 minutes of calling around to bird resuce centers we finally decided to pick the baby bird up (with gloves) and place it back in the nest. This wasn’t very easy since the nest was about 12 feet tall. After another 15 or so minutes (and chairs & tables stacked upon more tables) we finally got the baby bird up into the nest.

For dinner I had a piece of cheese, olive & mushroom pizza. So yummy! I’m pretty full but it wasn’t much food so I will probably make a smoothie for dessert. Tonight I will be prepping my breakfast & lunch for tomorrow.

I was planning on going to a Pilates class at my gym tonight, and even packed my clothes in my car, but I had a surprise work meeting tonight so I wasn’t able to go. Bummer! I have a huge headache from not eating a substantial enough lunch (and being in the sun all day) so the Pilates class would have fixed that. Tomorrow I will try to get some exercise in.


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