Cookies & Naptime

After a much needed nap, I’m a little more rested. If you remember from earlier, a giant smoothie right before Pilates just doesn’t work out. When I awoke, I was craving some sugar. No I didn’t want the Oreos in the pantry, or the sugar cookies on my desk, or the 30 cookies I already had waiting in the freezer. I wanted these babies. So I threw my hair in a “pouf”, slipped my feet into some slippers and got to baking.

the pouf

These were super easy. 3 Ingredients: Egg, Sugar, Peanut Butter. Then: Bake. I tried one after lunch, then another, then another. They are now on time-out in my freezer for forcing me to eat too many. They just kept calling my name & I couldn’t resist. Bad cookies! But oh so good.

Dinner went undocumented. I had a salad with tomato, red pepper, lettuce, avocado & a homemade balsamic dressing and a piece of halibut crusted in Panko breadcrumbs and seasonings. Yum!

I’m sure I will have about 5 more cookies tonight. If I press them all together does it count as 1 cookie?

I may go into a food coma, but if it’s from cookies I’m ok with it. Looks like it’s naptime again.


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