Slow as a Slug

Lesson of the Day: Do not drink a giant smoothie right before working out.

You will get tired. And want to take a quick nap while the rest of the class is in Child’s Pose.

After I got back from my Pilates class I sprinted for my warm bed and watched Real Housewives of Orange County. Not all California girls act like that, I promise.

After I regained my energy, I decided to make the ultimate comfort food: Grilled Cheese


If your wondering how cheese got on top of the bread, it exploded in the microwave….I don’t understand it either.

What’s your pre-workout meal? 



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2 responses to “Slow as a Slug

  1. I usually grab a piece of fruit before yoga, and then eat breakfast after. I agree…it’s no fun working out on a full stomach.

    • I’ll have to just have an apple before class next time. I used to always have a whole wheat english muffin w/ pb before working out & it always worked out but i guess having a smoothie slushing around in my stomach just didnt work out

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