One of Those Days

I have to admit…I wasn’t going to blog tonight. I woke up to a huge migraine that took forever to go away. Once it was gone, another one came. Then I spent the rest of the day with a massive headache.

When I get migraines, my whole day is gone. It starts off with me not able to see in my peripheral vision, then I pretty much can’t see at all. Everything is all spotty and black. After about 30 minutes that part goes away, and I get a giant headache. That pretty much lasts all day until I fall asleep.

Spending all day at work around 50 children with this massive headache wasn’t fun. I couldn’t wait to get home, eat a yummy dinner and relax in bed. I decided to make one of my favorite (and probably most boring) meals, grilled cheese and soup.

I was up late last night working on a delicious new recipe that I can’t wait to tell you about this weekend! I tweeted a sneak peak of the recipe last night because I was so excited!

I know this was a short post but I need to go lay down…this headache is killing me! I’ll be back tomorrow with some ice cream talk!


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