Forgive Me

I have a confession.

I ate shrimp.

If you remmeber, I was going vegetarian for the week.  Shrimp isn’t vegetarian.

I wasn’t planning it. I was going to have pasta. With butter. And cheese. You know, meat-less stuff. But then I opened the fridge and saw pasta sauce. I started thinking about making a full-on pasta meal. Suddenly, there was a plate of leftover shrimp sitting on the counter. Next thing I knew I was happilly stirring leftover bbq shrimp into my pasta. I’m a bad rule follower. I did, however, stir in a ton of spinach to make up for it!! This is a big deal..remember, I don’t like vegetables in my pasta.  I did this for you people. Your welcome.

The Mix:

whole wheat rotini

classic pasta sauce


baby spinach

lime hot sauce

garlic powder

onion powder

red wine


parmasean cheese

Later I will be having a couple of these cookies.



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