No Time to Sleep

It took us 15 hours to get to Arizona and I got about 10 minutes of sleep total. That means I’ve been up for about 38 hours so far, so I’m a little delirious but I’m gonna do my best to sound like a functional human being. The past 15 hours have felt like one big blur. This is the longest drive ive taken for a road trip, but it was worth it!! When we arrived we went down to the gorgeous pool at the apartment complex we are staying in. Laying by the pool was crazy relaxing but the best part was actually being able to get into the pool because the temperature was so high!


Since midnight I have had a Clif peanut toffee buzz, a handful of “cheddar cheese things” aka Quaker cheddar cheese rice cakes, and a big cup of gas station coffee at 4am.


Lunch was real food!! I was so excited. We went to a great shop with yummy treats and sandwiches. I chose the veggie sandwich with cucumber, sprouts, artichoke, tomato and goat cheese on a flat bread. yum!!!


Black bean veggie burger w/ fries

Tomorrow I’ll have a recap of Weekly Challenge #2: Vegetarian Week! See you tomorrow!!



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