The past couple of days have been a blur from all of the traveling, but I’ve been having a blast! Once we arrived in Arizona yesterday morning, we spent the day relaxing by the pool and swimming. Later that night, we decided to drive to Flagstaff to stay the night. The town was adorable and I totally fell in love with the local friendly atmosphere. We ate dinner (as posted last night) and fell asleep early. I was completely exhausted after being awake 40 hours.
Today started off with a Cranberry walnut bagel from a small bagel shop in Flagstaff. At around 12 we headed to the grand canyon to go hiking and take a ton of pictures. At about 1 we noticed some storm clouds, but decided to keep going because it was awesome to be there! About ten minutes later there was thunder and lightening. We kept taking pictures and hiking until all the sudden, the wind storm came. Literally, a if a light switch got turned on, dirt and rocks were being hurled at us and we couldnt even see because of the wind. We started running through the wind to get to a bus and almost got blown off the cliff! I’ve never felt that much wind power. So crazy!! I am now caked with dirt.
Dinner and the rest of the night was a little less dusty. I had the most perfect pesto pizza ive ever eaten. We walked around & shopped and I fell in love with flagstaff. I’m exhausted but today was so worth it.
Tomorrow’s Monday…and that means a new weekly challenge!! See you all tomorrow!


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