Guest Post: Beautiful Busy Bee

This post is brought to you by Maria from Beautiful Busy Bee. Thanks Maria!

Hi! I’m Maria from Beautiful Busy Bee. I am so glad to be doing a guest post for That Deep Breath. Thanks Jackie!!

First, a little about myself…

I am a teenager living in Austin, Texas.

Track is my sport. I also play flute in the marching band.

My all-time favorite breakfast is French toast.

When I’m bored I play Disney songs on piano,

read Sophie Kinsella novels,

and do Sudokus.

How I stay healthy and happy:

Eating breakfast every single day. If I don’t start the day off right, I’ll feel tired and sluggish all day, not to mention my metabolism won’t have been started up yet.

A tip for non-early birds like myself – plan or fix something the night before!! For example, at night I’ll make some overnight oatmeal or set out a bowl of dry cereal to add milk to in the morning. Five extra minutes of sleep, booyah!!!

Scheduling workouts. Okay, sometimes I plan on waking early and running but then I hear my alarm and the last thing I want to do is to get out of my nice comfortable bed, so I shut off the alarm. But 90% of the time, having some forethought on when I’m going to get some movement in works really well.

A tip for those less inclined to feel the “need” to move – cute workout clothes!!! Sometimes the best way to get yourself out the door for a run/on the bike for a spin/out to the gym is to feel pretty in some adorable sweat sesh wear.

Loving myself!!! I didn’t know the true meaning of retail therapy until I realized that going to the mall and treating myself to a new shirt isn’t about the size of the shirt. It’s about how I feel in the shirt and how I know that it will go great with my confidence.

Last but not least – being healthy is all about feeling healthy!!! Thanks for reading my guest post. I encourage you to check out my own blog, Beautiful Busy Bee.




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3 responses to “Guest Post: Beautiful Busy Bee

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Maria, I love your approach to healthy living. And I totally agree with everything you said 🙂

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