What to do About People Who Just Don’t “Get It”

I’m one of those people. People that get excited over trying new recipes, buying new kitchen ware, eating healthy, exercising and spending hours in Whole Foods. I like finding new foods that are super nutritious and working them into healthy meals.

I like eating healthy and exercising. But when I say it out loud, people look at me like I suddenly grew horns out of my head.

“Who actually likes choosing grilled fish over fried chicken strips?”

“Who wakes up at 8 on a weekend just to exercise?”

“Who would rather go to yoga class than to the mall?”

I do.

I try to surround myself with people who have the same values as I do. Who like to take care of themselves and stay healthy. However, there are billions of people in this world. Not everyone is going to have the same values as you. Not everyone is going to care about nutrition and exercise, or health in general. Hanging around people who don’t understand your choices can be difficult. People can be judgemental, jealous, or just plain rude regarding other’s opinions and values.

I try not to eat many processed foods. The only meat I eat is fish, but once in a while that changes. I cut down on sugar. I try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can. I try to only eat whole grains.

Am I perfect? No. Are people always supportive of my food choices? No.

We all know someone that is less than supportive of our eating habits. Some people just don’t “get it”. So how do we deal with it?

-Skip the confrontation before it begins:  Eat a small meal before you attend the event. Once you get there, snack on the foods you wish to. If any one questions you, mention that you ate before you arrived. This way, you don’t have to ask the host to go out of their way to make special food for you. Though in my opinion, a good host will know their guests and/or cook foods that anyone can eat.

-Bring your own food: Bring a dish that you know anyone can eat. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, anything. That way you know you have at least one dish without making anyone else go out of their way.

-Make it a group effort: If someone is constantly bothering you about your exercise or food choices, perhaps they are looking for ways to “healthify” their life but don’t know how. Have a dinner party and invite the friend to cook the healthy meal beforehand with you, it will be easy to bring up healthy living topics while cooking healthy. Invite your friend to take a run or walk with you, or attend a yoga class. Make sure not to force the friend to do anything or make them feel that you think you are “better than them.” This is a friendly way of sharing your knowledge, not a way to show off, but it can be fun to have a few more healthy buddies. Along with that goes…

-Make it a challenge: Challenge yourself and your friends to make a healthy change in your life. Why not all try being vegetarian, vegan, do yoga, run in a race. Do something and challenge yourselves. It’s fun, and you never know what habits might stick with you!

-Join a community that shares your values: Sometimes people are just set in their ways. Their opinions of how you should eat and live might just not change. It’s still okay to be their friend if you choose, but try finding a community where your beliefs aren’t “crazy”. This is why I decided to start blogging. While not everyone will understand why I eat and exercise the way I do, the healthy living community does. Find your place!

I hope these tips help you deal with those who don’t understand your healthy living lifestyle. Keep doing what makes you happy! Sometimes you just have to give in to that milkshake or cheeseburger that’s calling to you.

What do you do about the people who just don’t “get it?”


Check out my guest post on Beautiful Busy Bee today. Thanks Maria!



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8 responses to “What to do About People Who Just Don’t “Get It”

  1. These are such great tips! I’m also the type of person who actually LIKES to make healthy choices so I know these tips will be useful 🙂

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  3. Hi Jackie, great article! Honestly, I find it difficult sometimes to “fit in” at social events as I also enjoy living a healthy life full of whole, natural foods and there is constant pressure to get drunk, eat greasy foods and consume meat. When I opt for a veggie burger rather than a foot long hot dog people often make small remarks that make me feel singled out. I am proud of my lifestyle choices and wouldn’t change for the world but I also don’t like having to constantly defend my choices… So thank you for a great article on how to navigate social events where everyone doesn’t live by the same values. It’s really helpful!

    • I’m so glad this helped you! You definitely are not alone in feeling that way. Stick to your beliefs and most people will congratulate you rather than try to bring you down. And even if they continue to be negitive, it’s your life! Your making the decision for you and your future, no one else has anything to do with it!

  4. I loved what you said about skipping confrontation! I used to get so overwhelmed at events when faced with chips or bread on an empty stomach. An apple and some cheese before lets me actually enjoy myself, rather than stress over too many choices. Great post!

  5. I’m one of those people, too, and I hate being judged and ridiculed, so you offer some great tips !

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