Meal Planning: Traveling

Traveling can be stressful, hectic, annoying and one big hassle. The airplane makes you germy, you have to go to the bathroom 10x more than usual during roadtrips and let’s face it, you don’t eat as many veggies as you should while your laying by the pool at your hotel sipping cold drinks.

It’s ok, I won’t tell.

After reading this post of the Meal Planning series, you won’t have to count that chunk of pineapple sitting on the rim of your glass as your only fruit you’ll eat that week.

Or you can. Again, I won’t tell.


I don’t know about you, but traveling on an airplane is pretty much the most uncomfortable feeling in the world to me. You’re super stressed about getting to the airport on time. Security is taking forever. You have exactly 2 seconds to take your shoes and jacket off, place them on the belt along with your bag, purse, pillow and computer (which you have taken out of your bag). Make sure it is only 2 seconds though, otherwise you will get barked at for not going superspeed. Then, you have about 3 seconds to quickly throw all of your stuff off of the belt, put your shoes on, jacket on, computer in your bag, grab all your stuff and run to the gate only to find out your flight is delayed and you get to sit there for an hour. So what do you do? Buy a couple $10 celebrity gossip magazines to see if David Beckham is single yet? Paint your nails? Go buy a $20 bag of chips? No you will not, because you planned ahead!!

My favorite airplane snacks:



Dried Fruit (Sometimes they don’t let you take this through security…if not, do the puppy dog face. If you do it right, you can get anything.)

(this was taken after my dust/wind/rain storm at the Grand Canyon so it’s a little more miserable than usual…but you get the idea)


TrailMix (yes, trail mix with m&m’s still count. I can’t stand raisins, or “little brains” as my brother calls them, so I substitute them with chocolate!)

Sandwiches (I leave off the mustard until I get into the airport and just grab the little packets)


Ridiculously Long Car Rides:

Luckily, car rides are about 90% more forgiving than airplanes. You can bring (almost) any food or drink, which means there are lots of choices. I like choices.

My favorite car ride snacks:

All of the above

Chopped up fruits

Chopped up Veggies

Cereal (obviously without the milk)

Fruit Leathers (I’m obsessed)

Cheeeeeeeese (I’ll eat cheese with almost anything. Except chocolate.)

If you are like my parents, you can get super fancy with this. They’re known to snack on sliced apples/pears with fancy cheese and crackers anywhere they go.

If your in a car for a million hours, why not get a little fancy? If it’s anything like my 15 hour drive to Arizona, you’ll need all the extra fancy you can get.


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