Baking Flops & Yoga

Yesterday started off with a delicious yogurt bowl & a little treat crumbled on top!

The Mix:

greek yogurt

strawberries (from the local strawberry stand)

crumbled chocolate chip blueberry muffin

sunflower butter (duh)

super clustery granola

I’m obsessed with yogurt bowls, if you can’t tell.

After breakfast I was a busy bee running errands! I might be totally weird, but I actually love running errands. My favorite is definitely grocery shopping though. I could spend hours wandering around grocery stores, especially Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods! I had to pick up a few items for my auction contribution. I wrote the recipe yesterday, but today I actually put it together & baked!

I absolutely love making my own recipes from scratch…even if some of them don’t turn out very well. Cooking/baking is built upon trial & error…and today brought error!

Poor flat little cookies 😦 at least they taste good! I changed around the recipe to fix the problem and now I have plump, happy cookies sitting on a nice plate waiting to be devoured. Ok, ok. I actually only have two plump, happy cookies sitting on a plate because we devoured the rest of them the second they came out of the oven. Good news: I can use these skinny cookies for ice cream sandwiches!

For my exercise today (remember the weekly challenge?) I went to a viniyoga class at my gym. It felt amazing to stretch and relax, but I’m hoping tomorrow’s yoga class is a little more challenging. I might be a weirdo, but I actually like feeling sore and not able to move after a good workout! It makes me feel like I really did something. This class was actually really relaxing and during the five minutes of meditation during the end of class I actually completely cleared my mind and sunk into my own little world for a bit. Once the teacher rang the bell to finish meditation I actually felt a little was such a weird feeling! Has that ever happened to anyone else?

On to today…

I had a peach and a piece of toast with sunflower butter because I didnt have time to eat before a surprise day of work.
See you later!



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4 responses to “Baking Flops & Yoga

  1. Kalli

    love your yogurt bowl! i am obsessed with overnight oats lately!

  2. Tell me about oats, yoga and Whole Foods! Some of my favorite obsessions!!! I concur with you abt feeling sore, be it after yoga or a work out 🙂

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