What I Ate Wednesday #2


The only thing that sounded good this morning at 6am was a big yogurt bowl.

The Mix:

greek yogurt

clustery granola



sunflower butter (duh)

I haven’t been adding agave lately because I am starting to like the tartness of greek yogurt. My taste buds are getting used to less sweetener!



Today the summer camp I work for went on a field trip right next to a Mexican restaurant, so we ran over there on our break. I got a small cheese quesadilla, which I didn’t have time to snap a photo of. I haven’t had a quesadilla in forever…reminds me why I love cheese so much!!


Once I got home from work I ate a quick smoothie in a bowl before my meeting and it was greeeeeeeeeeen!!!

The Mix:


almond milk


1/2 frozen banana

frozen pineapple

vanilla extract

Topped with:


sunflower butter

I honestly never thought I would get into the “smoothie in a bowl” trend, but I’m obsessed! They really do fill me up, especially with oats in them (check back tomorrow a.m. for a new smoothie recipe)


After my meeting, I came home to eggplant parm. I didn’t make it, but I’m pretty sure there was eggplant, marinara sauce, mushrooms, onions, a little ground beef and……..cheese!! I normally am not a fan of mushrooms or onions, but I’ll eat anything covered in cheese!

Sorry this post was so short & to the point but I’m exhausted from work and I get to wake up at 5:30 am to sign up for classes, even though I don’t work until 9:30! It’s going to be a long day…but check back tomorrow morning for a new smoothie recipe! Mmmmmmmm

Have a great night!



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4 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday #2

  1. Hi! I just found your blog, and it’s so awesome that you work at a summer camp! I worked at a summer program for kiddos last year and it was one of the coolest experiences ever – I almost miss it at times, even though I far prefer the job I have now! I know the feeling of coming home exhausted for sure – the kids know how to wear you out! But it’s a great feeling, and the days are packed with so much fun!

    Can’t wait to read more 🙂 Have a great day!

    • I absolutely love it! It’s so fun to work at a camp that children attend to have fun! My whole summer is all about giving them the time of their lives, what’s better than that??

  2. eggplant parm is on my to-make list for next week =) totally! I think 2 other bloggers had it for WIAW too and I want it more than life! ❤ Hope you had a fabulous day!!!! and its almost friday! ee! ❤

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