Quick & To The Point


I was exhausted and had a giant headache by the time I got home from work, so dinner definitely needed to be simple. I found a piece of salmon leftover from last night and threw it on top of angel hair pasta. Literally that simple. The salmon was sooo good…super fresh because my dad caught it on his recent fishing trip to Alaska. I now have 100 more pounds of fish to eat throughout the year. Good thing I love it!

I have to admit, I’ve been way too exhausted to make new recipes or even write up posts. Thankfully, this busy week is over and it’s the weekend!! I love being busy but I don’t love being exhausted. I can’t wait to catch up on sleep and get some work done!

Tomorrow I am teaching a First Aid class bright & early in the morning so I need to prepare all of my stuff for that. Sorry this post was so brief, it’s been a long day. Hope everyone had an awesome Friday!


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