One Wish

I only have one wish. I wish I could stop time. I have so many obligations and responsibilities and promises made. I can’t keep up! There are some moments of my day where I just feel too overwhelmed with everything that I can’t even answer a single text message. Phone calls are out of the question.

Last night was horrible. I brought my cat to the vet and was immediately met with the terrible sounds of dogs crying. I then overheard a woman finding out the dog she was babysitting may not have made it through surgery. Great.

Once we got to see the doctor, she decided Puff, my cat, needed to get his wound cleaned, cut and drained. Uh…drained?? She took my poor little cat to the “back room” and brought him back with a cone on his head and a sad look on his face

He has no idea what to think of this cone on his head, but he loves all this attention. He was pretty angry for a while after I brought him home, though. He kept staring at the wall and meowing, he couldn’t even look at me. Sorry Puff!!

I made him a comfy bed in the spare bathroom and he is now learning how to be an indoor cat for the next 3 days. He is not litterbox trained. I’m scared of what I may find tomorrow morning.

This morning I had a smoothie in a bowl that I put together last night to blend up this morning:

I am now off to work and will not have time to post again tonight after a meeting tonight. I will see you tomorrow morning with a (hopefully) non-cat related post!


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